Join KSLT, KLMP, and The Point Radio in the Dominican Republic
August 7-16, 2014!

Imagine seeing the children with bare feet and tattered clothing but a smile from ear to ear as you and the team drive up in the morning for a day of fun, joy and laughter. These children desire to be loved and cared for, they desire your attention. You can be that person who shows them love; you can show them that they are worth it, that they matter, and bring them hope that they will remember for a lifetime.

In the small, poor community of Punal there is a Child Development Center that is awaiting your arrival. This center relies on inspiration from Judges 15:19, a place of strength and revival. The vision for your team is to complete construction on a third floor classroom which will provide skill and vocational training to the older children at the center. The lack of funds, time, and a labor force has hindered this project from developing to its fullest. 

Prior to your arrival, the walls and roof will be built and your job will be to provide the final touches. These tasks may include plastering, sanding, painting and decorating the cinder block walls. Along with doing construction, you’ll engage the children in VBS for one or two days. The children will cling to your side as you play a game of soccer, sing songs next to them, and lead them in a Bible lesson. Your presence, energy, and love will leave a lasting impact on each one of the children. Toward the end of your time in the DR, you’ll take a day trip to one of the beautiful Dominican beaches to enjoy a day of sunshine and the gorgeous turquoise Caribbean ocean.

Have you felt a tug on your heart lately? Maybe this is your opportunity to respond. Don’t wait. Register today and join us!

Important Information

Trip Capacity: 40

Trip Deposit: $300 (nonrefundable)

Cost of the trip: $2,545

What does this pay for?

Includes:  meals in-country, accommodations, building materials, excursions, and gratuities
 meals in transit, souvenirs, and elective entertainment

Important Dates

April 4: Registration closes and $300 deposit due
April 28:
First payment due- $750
May 28:
Second payment due- $750
June 28:
Final payment due- $745


We’ll be staying at La Casa Grande. It is a missionary compound run by two American missionaries.
Watch their incredibly inspiring story here:

Tentative Schedule

August 7 After a long day of traveling, you will arrive in the DR at 8:30 pm. You will then be escorted to La Casa Grande where you will be able to rest your head for a good night’s sleep.
August 8 You’ll wake up early and head to DO-012, The En-Hacore Jueces 15:19 CDC. You will have an orientation, familiarizing you with the project, its history, and information about the community. After, you will break up into teams and start construction on the necessary assigned tasks. After a long, fulfilling day, you’ll head back to La Casa Grande for a meal and devotions.
August 9 After arriving at the project, you will begin another day of construction. You might continue to work on the same task as the day before, or pick up another activity to work on. After, you’ll head back to La Casa Grande for a delicious meal and possibly a swim in the pool to cool down.
August 10 After breakfast, you’ll head to the project for church. This is an amazing experience as you are surrounded by Dominicans and your fellow travelers all worshipping the same God. Once church is finished; you’ll enjoy a meal with the community. Then you’ll walk around the community and visit some of the homes of our children. This will be an experience you won’t forget.
August 11 After a restful Sunday, you’ll head back to the project to continue doing construction. A water fight or relay race may ensue during the day – so get ready to have some fun! After construction, you’ll head to La Casa Grande for dinner and devos.
August 12 The morning portion of the day, you’ll continue to plaster, sand, paint or decorate. After lunch you’ll head to another one of OCM’s project. This project has a very well maintained baseball field. Here you will spend the afternoon with the children from DO-012 playing a favorite pastime of both the U.S. and the D.R. You’ll then head back to La Casa Grande for a much needed good meal and rest.
August 13 You’ll head to the project early in the morning for a fun day of VBS. You will have two rotations of children, either the younger in the morning or older in the afternoon, and vice versa in the afternoon. These children will grab ahold of your heart, and you’ll enjoy every minute with them. After VBS, you’ll head to La Casa Grande and spend the evening there.
August 14 This will be the last day you’ll head to the project. You’ll complete the last minute tasks and prepare for a party that will be held in the afternoon. You’ll be able to see all your hard work pay off, and the people of the community will be absolutely ecstatic. After a fun, emotional, and fulfilling day, you’ll say bye to the people of the En-Hacore project. This project was once a name, but now it has imbedded the memories and people into your heart forever.
August 15 Today you’ll head to the beach to enjoy the beautiful blue Caribbean ocean. After a week of work, you’ll enjoy the beach and all it has to offer.
August 16 After an early breakfast, and a few goodbyes to the Missionaries at La Casa Grande and the OCM Country staff, you’ll be on your way to the airport for an early departure.

Other Information

Need Help? If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact Katie Newman at knewman@onechildmatters.org.

Preparing for your trip: The tetanus shot is the only vaccination required by OCM.  It is strongly recommended that you contact your physician to inquire about any pre-travel vaccinations he/she might suggest. It is the policy of One Child Matters to leave such decisions to the traveler and his/her chosen medical professional. You may also check the Center for Disease Control for information on country requirements (www.cdc.gov ).

Trip Deposits and Payments

Your seat is NOT reserved until we receive a deposit. A deposit can be made following registration by check or credit card. Checks made out to One Child Matters can be sent to

One Child Matters
Attn: Trip Coordinator
15475 Gleneagle Dr.
Colorado Springs, Co 80921

If you are falling behind on payments, we will not drop you from the trip until you have missed TWO payment deadlines. 

The total trip cost must be paid in full by the final payment deadline.

Be sure to follow these instructions for ALL checks both personal as well as from friends and family.

  • Make the check out to One Child Matters.
  • Leave the memo line blank. If your name is on the check, kindly ask them to send a new check.
  • Ask that the check be sent directly to you. Collect checks and send them together before the deadline.

Credit card payments can be made by contacting Katie at 719.481.0400 ext. 202.

All mission trip money is tax-deductible and therefore non-refundable as specified by the IRS. One Child Matters sends gift receipts at the end of every month.


Registration is now closed. If you are interested in joining the team, please email Christi Costello at ccostello@onechildmatters.org for more information.