2.2 million tourists visit the Philippines every year. Looking for night life and accommodations, many visit the Philippines and its tropical sandy beaches.

In some part due to tourism, trafficking of children into forced prostitution has become a major problem in the Philippines. The numbers of those sold into this form of slavery is increasing rapidly with an estimated 100,000 children involved in a trade that has become openly commercial.

Sexual Exploitation of Children
Rural children whose families survive on subsistence farming are particularly vulnerable to the influence of promised opportunity in the city. One day a business man may arrive in the village with stories of education and jobs if the parents agree to entrust care of the young boy or girl to the stranger. Knowing this may be their only chance to escape village life, the parents apprehensively agree. Returning to the city, the children are quickly sold to traffickers who imprison the children and sell them to back alley brothels and night clubs.

Forced, deceived or lured into the commercial sex trade, children simply "disappear" into the brothels, where they face physical and emotional degradation on a daily basis that destroys their innocence, individual will and future potential. Enslaved and forgotten, they are powerless to leave.


Meeting the Need Through Ministry Partnership
The Philippines Child Rescue Home involves a unique partnership of Christian organizations working to rescue children from commercial sex trade and provide the help and hope they need to move past the trauma. One Child Matters, along with International Justice Mission, (IJM) is working to hear the silent cry of children trapped in the underground world of the Philippines' brothels. IJM is a Christian organization working through local law enforcement in poor countries around the world. Their goal is to rescue illegally exploited people - such as child sex workers in the Philippines- and to bring the perpetrators of their oppression to justice through the country's court system.

Happy Horizon's Children's Ranch, a One Child Matters affiliate for the past seven years, has agreed to provide a program of rehabilitation and restoration to children rescued from the city's brothels through the efforts of International Justice Mission. With funds from generous donors like you, a home has been purchased and renovated. Girls are being rescued and brought to the home which provides the following:

1. A safe, nurturing place to live. Happy Horizons is a residential facility run by qualified, caring Christian adults. Here, rescued children find a safe, secure haven where they are loved unconditionally and provided for completely.

2. Help in providing effective testimony against their perpetrators. One of the goals of the IJM, Happy Horizons, and One Child Matters partnership is to prepare rescued children to face their perpetrators in court. The children are lovingly shepherded through the difficult trial process and assisted in providing thorough, convincing testimony against perpetrators so that they will receive maximum punishment and be prevented from ever harming children again.

Although the prosecution process in the Philippines can take years, Happy Horizons is dedicated to caring for rescued children for as long as it takes to put their perpetrators behind bars and prepare the girls to reenter society.

3. A program of holistic rehabilitation. This program, designed to heal a deeply wounded heart and rekindle hope for the future, includes:

    •    The provision of all basic needs - food, clothing, and shelter
    •    Medical check-ups and assistance as needed
    •    The opportunity to attend school at either the Happy Horizons Academy, a private Christian school, or a local public school
    •    Training in a marketable vocation, such as tailoring or carpentry
    •    Daily devotions, Christian education and the opportunity to accept Christ - the source of hope for this life and eternity - as Savior and Lord
    •    Daily, Bible-based counseling to restore the self-esteem and confidence that comes with the realization that one is a precious, beloved child of God

  Classroom at the Happy Horizons Ranch

When the restoration process is completed, children rescued from the sex trade in the Philippines will be able to lead happy, productive Christian lives. When possible, they will be reintegrated into their own families or adopted by other families into loving homes.

Through the Philippnes Child Rescue Home, God is providing the opportunity for caring Christians to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of innocent Filipino children on the edge of disaster. At this time of great need, we respectfully request that you support this life-saving project with a timely and generous contribution.

Today, a girl in a Philippines brothel, forced to endure horrific acts by strangers day in and day out, believes that she has been forgotten by the world. She doesn't know that soon, she could be rescued and whisked away to a new start in life. On behalf of this child, and the many others who will be forever changed by the Philippines Child Rescue Home, thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request.

May God richly bless you!