The Children's Crisis Fund can relieve the financial shock of an unexpected injury or disaster, giving us the opportunity to bring hope to those in need. To donate to the Children's Crisis Fund, click here.

These are just some of the many ways that the Children's Crisis Fund has been used. 

Yovany, an eager young boy trying to help his family in Honduras by collecting metal to scrap, was severely injured when he picked up a misplaced/ancient grenade. After several surgeries, Yovany still lost vision in his left eye. The Children’s Crisis Fund ensured Yovany got the care he needed, especially after his mother lost her job while he was in the hospital. To read more about Yovany's recovery, click here.

When the project staff noticed that Maidali was not following directions or misbehaving during activities at her program in the Dominican Republic, they began working toward a solution. When a routine medical exam revealed a major hearing impairment, the CCF allowed Maidalis family to get her fitted for hearing aids. You can read more about Maidali here.

Ashish was playing with friends when he was a struck by a rickshaw. Because his family could not afford additional treatment after his broken leg was not set properly, Ashish eventually lost his leg to infection. With help from the CCF, Ashish was fitted with a prosthetic leg so he could continue his studies in India, and he continues to have access to medical care as needed.

When Shohidul’s mother rushed him to the hospital after he was bitten by a dog with rabies, she had to take out a loan from her village in Bangladesh to pay for the life-saving rabies vaccine. Unable to pay the village back immediately, his mother was faced with eviction while Shohidul recovered. Thanks to the CCF, the project staff was able to intervene and pay back the loan with funds – all $44 USD.

Everything was lost. That was all the Peralta family could think as the remains of their home smoldered. The family of seven was safe, but distraught. The next morning, their community in the Dominican Republic rallied around them and donated clothes; the project staff pooled resources and bought shoes, uniforms, and school supplies so the four Peralta children could continue to go to school. The Children’s Crisis Fund allowed One Child Matters to meet the extreme need of the Peralta family, ensuring funds were available to purchase supplies and begin construction. As they moved into their new home, the family could not contain their gratitude, saying “We will never get tired of thanking God.”