Join the WPFF, WNLI, and Positive 89.3 Radio Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic July 26 - Aug 4, 2013

Registration is full, we'll see you in July!

In the northern city of Santiago, Dominican Republic, there is a place where One Child Matters children gather to hear about the Word of God and are transformed by its message of salvation. These children live in a community where poverty and a need for God has left most inhabitants hopeless about their future. Passionate about sharing the gospel and the hope found in Jesus, a local pastor and his small congregation is working hard alongside One Child Matters to bring change to the community. The journey however, has not been easy.

Dwindling funds, unfinished construction, and tropical rains have forced the congregation (as well as the One Child Matters children’s ministry) to meet in whatever location they can find. Without proper shelter, families of the children are beginning to show signs of concern and even impatience. As a response, One Child Matters has agreed to provide temporary shelters while two teams are recruited to repair and complete permanent facilities in June and July mission trips. And that is where you come in.

We need you and 39 fellow believers to join us on July 26th as we travel to the Caribbean to strengthen this ministry and encourage this little church. The leaders and staff at this project have prayed for years for completion of their facilities -- YOU are going to be the answer to their prayers!

Along the way we will worship together, spend a day at the beach, meet some lifelong friends, and have lots of fun. As we do every year, One Child Matters is teaming up with WPFF, WNLI, and Positive 89.3 to bring you this opportunity.  Don’t let this be the year you let another excuse get in the way. Now is the time!

Be the arms and feet of Jesus and join us as we help this community in need.

Important Information

March 22: Registration and $300 non-refundable trip deposit due
April 22: 1st payment due - $650
May 22:  2nd payment due - $650 
June 22: Final payment due - $595 - and orientation meeting

Trip Cost: $2,195
Trip Capacity: 40

What does this pay for?
Includes: all meals, accommodations, flights, transportation, building supplies, excursions, and gratuities.
Excludes:meals in transit, souvenirs, and elective entertainment. 

Travel for Maine Group:

Dates Depart Arrive Flight Info
July 26, 2013 Portland
New York
Jet Blue #7
July 26, 2013 New York  11:59am Santiago 
Jet Blue #837
August 4, 2013   Santiago  10:09am New York
Jet Blue #836
August 4, 2013    New York
Jet Blue #408

Travel for Green Bay Group:

Dates Depart Arrive Flight Info
July 26, 2013 Chicago
American #1044
July 26, 2013 Miami
  Santiago    8:40pm American #613
August 4, 2013  Santiago     8:10am  Miami      10:25am American #834
August 4, 2013 Miami 
 Chicago     3:45pm American #555


The team will stay at a local guest house owned and operated by American missionaries. The rooms will be simple with a mix of bunk beds and private rooms. All rooms have standard electrical outlets. Restrooms and showers are private but housed in separate bath houses for men and women. All meals will be prepared and eaten at the guest house except for the sack lunches we will bring to the project.

Other Information

AGE LIMIT: The minimum age to participate is 14. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent; all applications are subject to approval.  

PLEASE NOTE: A valid passport is required for travel but is not required at time of application. All passports MUST be valid 6 months after the mission trip. The traveler is responsible for seeking medical advice concerning updating your immunizations. Further information on medical and safety preparations for the trip will be provided following approval of each traveler's application.

NEED HELP? If you have a unique situation or questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to email the Trip Coordinator, Katie Newman, at knewman@onechildmatters.org or call 719.481.0400 ext. 202.


July 26

Depart designated city by bus and depart from the designated airport. We'll arrive in Santiago, eat a late dinner, check-in at the hotel, and head to bed.
July 27  Arrive at the project by late morning, meet the staff and children, and begin construction work.
July 28 Church at the project. After church we will walk through the community and stop by some homes of children in the project. In the evening we will see the city monument and do some shopping. 
July 29  Continue construction work on the classrooms all day. 
July 30 Continue construction work on the classrooms all day.
July 31  Vacation Bible School with the children. All the children from the project will join us. As a team we will coordinate our own bible lessons, games, and activities. It will be an all-day event.
Aug 1  Continue construction work on the classrooms all day.
Aug 2  Continue construction work on the classrooms all day.
Aug 3 Beach Day. We will drive 2 hours to the beach where we will relax and play on the beach of a resort town in the northern part of the country.
Aug 4 Depart early-morning for the airport. You will arrive back at your designated airport in the afternoon, grab your bags, and take the bus back to your home just in time to start the new week.

Trip Deposits and Payments

Your seat is NOT reserved until we receive a deposit. All mission trip money is tax-deductible and therefore non-refundable as specified by the IRS.  One Child Matters sends gift receipts at the end of every month.  If your payment is made after the 17th, your receipt will be sent the following month. 

To pay for your trip you can...

Send a check to One Child Matters, Attn: Trip Coordinator, 15475 Gleneagle Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Be sure to follow these instructions for ALL checks both personal as well as from friends and family.

  • Make the check out to One Child Matters.
  • Leave the memo line blank.  If your name is on the check, kindly ask them to send a new check.
  • Ask that the check be sent directly to you.  Collect checks and send them together before the deadline.


Pay via credit card by calling the Trip Coordinator, Katie Newman, at 719.481.0400 ext. 202.