Important Updates from the One Child Matters team, partners, and supporters.

A Day Through My Eyes

Not many of us can truly understand the realities of living in poverty, but it is even more difficult to remember what the world looks like through the eyes of a child. As we mature, learn, and grow into adults, our perception of the world begins to change and we lose the child-like innocence and wonder.

Our team decided to conduct experiment with a few of the children in our Honduras programs – What does poverty look like through the eyes of a child? We gave eight children cameras for one day and asked them to take pictures throughout their day. We wanted to see what was important to them, their special places to play, and the community of people that surround them. At the end of the day, we had each child describe their photo and tell us what it means to them.

What did we find from this experiment? Most of these pictures portray some devastating conditions. But these children took pictures because they see beauty. They see hope. They have joyful memories. They have fellowship. And most humbling, they are thankful! They do not see their world as we do; they see it the only way they know how – as their home.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing these photos with you, and we pray that each photo and caption from these children will minister to your heart as they have ministered to ours. We invite you to step into these children’s stories and see the world through their eyes.

This is Zine, she attends the One Child Matters Center in Zimbabwe. This is her story.

What does a Sunday School Song sound and look like? Take a look at this 360º video of a class in one of our centers in Honduras.

Ministry Trip Recap from one of our church partners, C3 Church in Ohio.

Sambath is from Cambodia. She is a medical student. And she is free.

But at one time in her life she was alone, scared, and hopeless.

When Sambath was a young child, she lost both of her parents in the same year. Sambath and her four siblings were lost and confused, unsure if they would ever find goodness in their lives again.

Sambath and her siblings were taken to a One Child Matters center where they were cared for and taught by the staff and volunteers. Sambath was able to work her way through high school and finally graduate, which was a wish her father always had for his children. She is now studying to become a doctor and plans to stay in Cambodia where she can be a healer as well as a light for Jesus Christ.

Sambath’s sponsors during her time in the One Child Matters program gave her the opportunity for a new life free from the despair and hopelessness of her past. They, and the OCM staff, showed Sambath the love that Jesus has always had her, as well as the unique purpose that he has for her life.

Thanks to sponsors like you, children like Sambath are receiving freedom and learning about Jesus’ love for them.

Thank you for all that you do!