Important Updates from the One Child Matters team, partners, and supporters.

Lisa Diaz from James River Church shares her experience from a recent trip to Ethiopia with One Child Matters.

Back in May I traveled with James River Church and One Child Matters to Ethiopia and filmed some impacting stories. It was the BEST TRIP I’ve ever been on so far, and I can’t emphasize enough how much God’s presence and anointing was on it. I prayed so much for God to direct me as I filmed, and then direct me as I edited, and then to use it to touch hearts- and He has done so!! This is the proudest film I’ve ever been a part of. And I say “a part of” because God was directing this piece from beginning to end.

You can find the original article by visiting Lisa’s blog at IRIS Film & Photo.

Ever wonder what your sponsored child experiences as they leave the project and head home? Kaliyan welcomed us into her boat to follow her on her journey home from the Mechrey Floating School in Cambodia.

I didn’t pass the grade because I don’t like school but in the project the tutor told me that I have to study, to be a professional in the future and I promised her to do my effort to pass the grade and I now will chance because she made me realize what important is to study. I ask you so much that you pray for I can change and to think about my future please.

— 10-year-old Julia from the Dominican Republic, in a letter to her sponsor —

I’m writing to thank you for the letter you sent me and to tell you that I’m sorry for what happened to your son. I want you know that I’m praying that God makes a miracle in him.

— 11-year old Dalkiry from the Dominican Republic, in a letter to her sponsor —

Child development centers are a refuge for many children – a safe place to learn, grow, eat, and play. The centers are often a stark contrast to a child’s neighborhood and home. In this video, we follow a young boy eager to take us to his house. Walking home with him will open your eyes.