The Children's Crisis Fund (CCF) helps us relieve the financial shock of an unexpected injury or disaster, giving us the opportunity to bring hope to those in need. The CCF allows us to extend the hope of Christ in the toughest of times in the wake of large-scale disasters and personal emergencies for the children in our care. In addition to helping children who are in an emergency situation, any gifts to CCF may be allocated to the preventative medical care for our children.

A Few Stories of How the CCF is Used


Yovany, an eager young boy trying to help his family in Honduras by collecting metal to scrap, was severely injured when he picked up a misplaced/ancient grenade. After several surgeries, Yovany still lost vision in his left eye. The Children’s Crisis Fund ensured Yovany got the care he needed, especially after his mother lost her job while he was in the hospital.


Ashish was playing with friends when he was a struck by a rickshaw. Because his family could not afford additional treatment after his broken leg was not set properly, Ashish eventually lost his leg to infection. With help from the CCF, Ashish was fitted with a prosthetic leg so he could continue his studies in India, and he continues to have access to medical care as needed.

Super Typhoon Haiyan

The largest storm ever recorded slammed in the Philippines, destroying nearly everything in its path. The simple homes in the underserved communities where One Child Matters had projects could not stand up to Super Typhoon Haiyan. From meeting the immediate emergency needs of food, shelter, and medical care, to coming alongside as families began to rebuild this year, the support through CCF created a tangible expression of Christ's love.