The Christmas Gift Fund allows the One Child Matters project managers to purchase a gift for each child in our program. For many of these children, living in the depths of poverty, it may be the only gift they receive this Christmas. So that every child receives a gift, all donations are combined and distributed equally to children registered in our programs.

"Christmas is my favorite holiday. Jesus was born on Christmas and that is what makes it special. I never expect presents on Christmas because my parents are very poor. But last year I received school books, story books and games from you. Thank you so much. They made the Christmas holiday even better. I am excited about Christmas this year, because I have read my two story books and I cannot wait to get a new one this year." - Dilania, age 7, Honduras

Give to the Christmas Gift Fund

  • $25 will help provide a gift for 1 child.
  • $50 will help provide a gift for 2 children.
  • $100 will help provide a gift for 4 children.

Note: It would help us tremendously to receive your donation by November 9th. Please do not send packaged items to One Child Matters for Christmas gifts. Due to numerous complications (customs paperwork, shipping costs, and so forth) it is more efficient to make a financial contribution. Thank you for observing these guidelines and for sharing God's great Gift with children in desperate need!