India Update: Flooding

India Flooding

Extreme rainfall in the southern state of Kerala, India, has caused widespread flooding and devastation across the region. In what is being considered the worst flood and landslide disaster in almost a century, homes have been severely damaged, and many were swept away by rushing water. Nearly 400 lives have been lost, more than 87,000 people have been displaced, and approximately 1.2 million Kerala citizens are left helpless with urgent humanitarian needs.

Our One Child Matters family has also been impacted in this disaster. Five of our Hope Centers in Kerala are in the region affected by severe flooding. At the time of this report, six children from the Mallapally Hope Center (IN-148) are reported safe at a relief camp, with their homes either lost completely or severely damaged. These children have lost the majority of their possessions, including clothing, school books and uniforms, and important documents. Our Child Champions are assessing our children and coordinating relief efforts, while also being personally affected. We will notify sponsors of children displaced by this disaster as soon as possible.

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Though the monsoon rains are now easing and the floodwaters slowly receding, the humanitarian crisis is only just beginning. In addition to homes being lost or damaged, agricultural lands have been greatly affected, thereby impacting already fragile livelihoods, and current and future food stocks. Water sources have been destroyed or severely compromised, cutting off a safe supply for drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes.

You can help our children in Kerala by donating online to our Children’s Crisis Fund or by calling 800-864-0200 to make a contribution. These funds will be used to provide food and medical supplies, as well as assistance with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, and other essential items.*

In addition to financial support, please pray fervently for these children and the people of Kerala as they try to recover from this tragedy.

*Should donated funds exceed the amount necessary to meet the immediate and long-term needs of sponsored children, their families, and Hope Centers affected by this disaster, remaining funds will stay in the Children’s Crisis Fund to meet future critical needs following natural disasters and urgent medical care for our children.