Whether it's our sponsorship program providing practical help and hope for the future, or making a surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor possible, it's all about reaching the one.


This is our passion - children. We provide the opportunity for them to become leaders and effect change in their families and communities. To change a culture, we start with one child.


Whether a child attends a school in India or lives in the bush of Africa, that child matters to us - and we are called to provide them opportunity and hope in Christ.

The Power of One

One person. That’s all it takes to change the world for a child in desperate need. Sponsorship through One Child Matters connects caring individuals with children in poverty, to provide them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances and reach their potential in Christ. In fact, recent research proves that one-to-one child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to combat global poverty. There’s real power in one person reaching out to one child through sponsorship—power that changes both lives!

Through sponsorship, one person can invest in a child’s growth while developing a profound and meaningful relationship.

One person can make an eternal difference in the life of a child. One person can open the door to a stable, supportive environment that encourages education and development. One person can bring health and hope. Through sponsorship, one person can invest in a child’s growth while developing a profound and meaningful relationship.

Where We Work

One Child Matters serves almost 40,000 children in 14 of the most poverty-stricken countries throughout the world.


  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Zimbabwe


  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Philippines

Latin America

  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua

Middle East

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon

Our Approach to Child Development

One Child Matters believes in a holistic approach – addressing and nurturing each child’s needs, physical, mental, social-emotional, and spiritual, to equip them in their journey to becoming healthy, self-sufficient adults.

The greatest commandment says this: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” Mark 12:30 (NIV). Our mission is to teach children around the world how to live out each of these commands so that they will live purposefully and follow the Lord’s direction. As we help guide them to love the Lord with all their heart (Social-Emotional), with all their soul (Spiritual), with all their mind (Mental), and with all their strength (Physical), these once empty-handed children will have all they need to pursue God’s specific calling on each their lives.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” - Mark 12:30 (NIV)

We are not seeking to westernize our children, nor do we promote a particular cultural mindset or create a state of dependence. Our belief is to cultivate these children’s growth within their cultural context, so that they may one day be empowered to break the cycle of poverty and, ultimately, change the world.


Our centers throughout the world introduce children to Jesus and then encourage them to grow in their relationship with Him in many different ways. While attending One Child Matters centers, children typically participate in Sunday school classes, Bible studies, times of prayer and worship, and summer camps. It is through these activities and the witness of the project staff that we hope children become lifelong followers of Christ in both word and action.


Children attending One Child Matters centers are commonly provided with nutritious food or supplements. Our children generally undergo preventative medical check-ups and are given immunizations to fight common diseases. Children are also taught how to take care of their bodies and protect themselves from illness through simple but effective hygiene habits. They are also instructed in the dangers of high-risk behaviors, such as premarital sex. Furthermore, some centers facilitate games and other forms of recreation to increase the children’s physical coordination and promote exercise.


Many of our centers are official schools that instruct our children in the typical subject and skill areas. Other centers are not official schools but often provide children with tutoring services to help them with their studies and encourage them in their education. Problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, literacy, numeracy, and other life skills are also normally taught. In addition to basic academics, older children are typically provided with vocational training. This training ranges from instruction in trades like sewing and carpentry to farming.


The One Child Matters centers are places of unconditional love and support for the children they serve. The attention the children receive at the project assures them that they are indeed loved and provides them with the emotional support they need to overcome their difficult situations. In some cases counseling is provided for children who need it. While at the centers, children are also encouraged and instructed to socialize with others and treat them with kindness and respect. Sports, music, drama, and special outings are typically offered to facilitate positive interaction among the children.

Our Model

One Child Matters ministers to children around the world primarily through what are called centers. There are two kinds of centers: Hope Centers and partner-based schools.

Hope Centers

One Child Matters provides children with activities and services that help them develop holistically at Hope Centers.

We believe that by working with the local church throughout the world we are strengthening the body of Christ as a whole.

With a church-based Hope Center, we come alongside local evangelical churches that desire to minister to children or are already doing so. We seek to partner with churches located in the poorest communities in order to make as great of an impact as possible. We operate our Hope Centers out of these same local church facilities and staff them with local church members. By operating out of existing church facilities, the Hope Center becomes part of that body of local believers, further instilling the vision for children’s ministry within the members and helping the church in its community outreach.

Partner-Based Schools

In a few countries One Child Matters partners with schools to serve children in need. Like Hope Centers, partner-based schools facilitate the holistic development of each child they serve.

While Hope Centers provide tutoring and lessons in a few select subjects, partner-based schools provide formal education.

Typically, we partner with independent child ministry and service organizations that run the schools with support from One Child Matters.

 Unlike our Hope Centers, partner-based schools are in fact formal education facilities recognized by their local governments.

Whether formally Christian or not, all schools that One Child Matters supports share Jesus with the children and promote Christian values in one form or another. In sensitive countries, the explicit sharing of Christ is not possible when One Child Matters partners with certain government schools.

Other Ministry Programs

One Child Matters is privileged to come alongside many ministries that are fighting oppression, disease, and abandonment. Each ministry targets a particular injustice – orphanhood and human trafficking – and combined, the impact of all these ministries is significant and continues to grow.

New Life Home

New Life Home in Nairobi, Kenya provides a compassionate and secure home for abandoned and orphaned infants. It is within this shelter that these defenseless children receive physical care, and have their emotional and spiritual needs nurtured as well. New Life Home desires to communicate to each small child that they have worth and their lives are important.

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Philippines Child Rescue Home

There are an estimated 100,000 children trapped in the curse of human trafficking today in the Philippines, and the mission of the Philippines Child Rescue Home (PCRH) and its partner, the International Justice Mission (IJM), is to rescue children from the bondage of sex trafficking. Once rescued, PCRH walks alongside these children to arrive at a place of healing, confidence, and self-worth.

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