With its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, the Philippines is a top tourist destination...with a dark side: the trafficking of children. It is estimated that over 100,000 children are trapped in this exploitative and openly commercial trade in the Philippines.

When a girl is rescued from a destructive situation, how can she find healing? Who will walk alongside her as she reconciles the choices others made to put her in that position? How can she find hope when she has seen such darkness? Ilene found a new hope at the Philippines Child Rescue Home, where she learned to process through the abuse she and her sisters suffered at the hands of others. Her healing was so profound, she wanted to go back to her village. Watch to see what happened.

The Philippines Child Rescue Home (PCRH) involves a unique partnership of Christian organizations, working with the International Justice Mission (IJM) to rescue children from destructive situations. While IJM rescues children from commercial sex trade and brings the perpetrators to justice, the PCRH provides a safe place for abused and trafficked children to heal under the guidance of qualified, caring, Christian adults. With medical care, counseling, and support, these children are transformed. They can finish their education, learn vocational skills, and reenter society with a new sense of hope and confidence.