One Child Matters believes in the movement of God’s people to bring unity and hope around the world. One person, one church, or one community can do great things, but how much stronger would we be if we all came together to make a difference? Together, we can change the world.

Church Partnership

Your church has the vision to serve others in need. One Child Matters can help you create a custom strategy to fulfill your vision. Our partnership will release the passion of your church family to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty all over the world. We will work with you to bring deeper impact to your global missions and local outreach. Together, we can change the world.

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If your business is looking to give back in a unique way, One Child Matters will join your endeavor to make big impact in your city and across the world. We will design a specific method for your business to capture the attention of your clients, enlist their support, and encourage them to join the cause. It is our desire to work with you within your business context, so that you can change the world from right where you are.

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Artists & Bands

At One Child Matters, we believe that music has the power to do great work in people’s hearts, and we want to give you the opportunity to take your music ministry to another level. Partnership will open doors for you to have a voice that triggers global impact and reaches children around the world. Through a customized program, our goal is to help your music ministry expand further and deeper than ever before.

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