Your church has the vision to serve others in need. We can help create a custom strategy to fulfill that vision. Through child sponsorship, we can bring deeper impact to your global missions and local outreach. Let’s change the world together.

One Child Matters has the vision to empower the people of God. We believe that the life-giving local church takes action to tend to the hopeless, the poor, and the oppressed. We are here to help facilitate the relationships to make that happen.

Your church will connect with a local church from a poverty-stricken country; your congregation will unite as they come alongside a community in need, and individuals will make a difference by sponsoring a child.

This is an opportunity for your church to have global impact, without needing a global missions budget. One Child Matters wants to open doors for your congregation to expand their reach to all the nations. The scope of your church’s influence will multiply as we help take you to the next level by providing the resources for global influence.

How Sponsorship Impacts Your Church

Global Footprint

With child sponsorship programs in 14 developing nations, we help you increase the depth and breadth of your ministry. Your congregation will witness the Holy Spirit’s power to transcend geographic and cultural barriers in order to use members of your church to make a difference across the globe.

Local Impact

Child sponsorship provides the resources for your global programs, allowing you to increase your efforts within your local outreaches. The capacity of your ministry will exponentially grow as you pour more into your city, while we strengthen your global impact through relationships between communities, churches, and individuals.

Build Community

Join a thriving global community of God’s people with the same commitment to meet the needs of children in poverty around the world. Your congregation will see the power of their relationships with one another and how their teamwork has the power to change the world.

Check out these partnership stories from our partners Denver United and James River Church.

How Sponsorship Impacts Your People

Personal Ministry

Child sponsorship empowers individuals to make a real and lasting difference in the world for God’s Kingdom. It challenges a person to leave their own fingerprint on the heart of a child and have a one-on-one ministry that will reach beyond their borders.

Expand the Vision

Mission trips allow your people to encounter first-hand the impact that their sponsorship has on the life of a child. Seeing the great need in other countries will open their eyes to the global vision of your church family, and it will deepen their commitment to discipleship in all the nations.

Create Culture

Bring a diversity of members in your church family together, united in a common cause that is close to God’s heart. Child sponsorship allows your church to build relationships cross-culturally and experience a true model of the universal Church – God’s children of all ages, ethnicities, and traditions worshiping the Lord as one family.

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