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When a girl is rescued out of sex trafficking, how can she find healing from all that happened to her? Who will walk alongside her as she reconciles the choices others made to put her in that position? How can she find hope when she has seen such darkness?

The Philippines Child Rescue Home provides a safe place to process and heal. Ilene found a new hope at the PCRH, where she learned to process through all the abuse she and her sisters suffered at the hands of others. Her transformation was so profound, she wanted to go back to her village. Watch what happened next:

By some estimates, almost 100,000 children are trapped in the commercial sex trade in the Philippines. Forced, deceived, or lured into this exploitative trade, children in these situations face physical and emotional degredation that destroys their innocence, their sense of self, and their future potential.

That's why the support the Philippines Child Rescue Home provides girls like Ilene, Eva, and Christa is powerful! They minister to every aspect of a girl's life:

  • They offer counseling in a safe, secure location run by qualified, Christian adults
  • In addition to having all their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter met, the girls have access to medical treatment and assistance as needed
  • Working with International Justice Mission, the girls have guidance if their perpetrators are facing prosecution
  • Girls receive educational support and have the opportunity to attend school at either the PCRH's sister academy or a nearby private Christian or local public school

Most profoundly, the girls learn about a God who understands injustice, who is close to the brokenhearted, the only God who can offer complete and total healing. Daily devotions and Bible-based counseling offer restoration of self-esteem and confidence when the girls learn they are a precious and beloved child of God.

To make a donation to this vital work, click here. Your support allows the PCRH to continue the care that these girls deserve while continuing their preemptive and responsive outreaches in some of the darkest areas of the Philippines.